Donation Information

Why should I donate?

For the past 5 years as of this writing, the Partyvan servers have run almost exclusively on donations from generous regulars and new members alike. Now that we have the server power we need, the possibilities are nearly limitless in what we can host and offer.

Donating keeps the van rolling and since we are not for profit, ensures it will stay this way for years to come. Keep in mind we have been around for over 5 years without any claims or false promises.

How can I donate?

The easy way: Use the buttons! These now work ingame and are completely secure, so you can be sure nobody is going to snatch your login info.


Basic Mod (Auto-Renews)

Advanced Mod (Auto-Renews)

FBI Mod (Auto-Renews)

One-Time Donation (Does Not Auto-Renew)

The hard way Send a donation to using Paypal or Alertpay

Be sure to include your full STEAM_ID, including STEAM_ and all numbers/symbols that follow. To find this, join any server, open up your console, and type status. You will see a list of all the current players, find yours and copy your ID from there.

What do I get for donating?

As many of you know, donating gets you a whole bunch of privileges on the servers. Here's some of them:

$10-$19 Each Month) -- Basic Mod -- Basic moderator privileges on all of our servers

This level includes a reserved slot, kick, ban, gag, muute, freeze, vote making, mod hats, unlimited sounds, and most other basic features.

$20-$34 Each Month) -- Advanced Mod -- Advanced moderator privileges on all of our servers

This level gives you access to just about every command we offer. These include noclip, slap, burn, blind, drug, bombs, dancing props, unlimited sounds, mod only hats, and everything mentioned for basic. The only things we reserve are godmode and rcon, and occasionally other commands with extremely high abuse potential.

$35+ Each Month -- FBI Mod -- Advanced moderator privileges on all of our servers and special "FBI" moderator status on forums

This level gets you everything from basic and advanced, as well as forum admin privileges exclusive to the FBI group.

These donations are again, per month, so please remember to renew if you want to keep your powers. I can usually understand some circumstances get in the way and have no problem working with donators, especially those who have proven their loyalty.

With that in mind, those who abuse my trust and make a habit of forgetting these agreements will be forced to either auto-renew or lose their privileges permanently.

How long does it take for everything to start working?

As long as you put your SteamID in the paypal box, your powers should take 2-4 days to fully activate on all servers.

If 4 days go by and the commands still don't work, please don't hesitate to contact me! Believe it or not Paypal has eaten many IDs before so it's not a biig deal. I can manually set them up if needed and you'll always have a full month from the day they activate, not the day you donated.

ID: FuhrerMike

Now that I have them, how do I use my new mod powers?

Type bind <key> sm_admin in your console, whatever letter you put in <key> will give you a nice menu every time you press it. For console commands, sm_help will give you a full list of any command you could possibly want to use. Sometimes addons don't have a menu item and only have console commands, so it's wise to check this once in a while!

If you have any more questions about the process or commands at all, feel free to contact me on Steam

What rules do I have to follow as a mod?

So, you've donated and now you have mod powers. There's two ways you can use them, to enforce rules, or to push your own agenda around. Now, I understand everyone has different levels of tolerance, patience, and conviction, so I don't expect you all to behave the same way. This thread is intended to heelp illustrate the difference between the two, and explain how much of either will be allowed. You can type at any time to see a full list of server rules.

What should I do when someone breaks a rule?

Whatever you want, except for banning. Slap, timebomb, burn, blind, freeze, kick; any way you like to send them a message. If you do decide to kick them, please include the reason so that I know it was justified. If the kicked person comes back and continues to break the rules, you ban them for 30 minutes the first time, 120 minutes the second, and then for 1 day. Permanent bans are only for hackers and cheaters. If they continue to break rules after three strikes, please speak to an admin.

The console commands are sm_kick x, sm_ban x 30, sm_ban x 120, sm_ban x 1440

What about mod dickery and messing around?

I understand that a major part of the Partyvan's history has been lulzy abuse and dickery, and I have no problem with this to a point. I can't change your intentions, and I'm not interested in who made you mad, upset, or called you a doodoo head with chicken nuggets for ears.

What I do care about is when you take it a step farther by kicking/banning them. This is excessive and precludes them from learning from their mistakes, and will not be tolerated whatsoever. Whether you want to admit it or not, you were in the same position as them at one point in time. If I catch you doing this, you will receive 1 warning, followed by the complete removal of your mod privileges.

When is it ok to make mapvotes?

Simply put, ask the server whether they want to change maps first. Use sm_vote "question" and only do so if they wish to. Far too many moderators have been making single-map votes just because they don't like a map personally. I suggest making a thread about a map if you dislike it so much, I'm always willing to listen.

What if I have a disagreement with another mod?

Bring it to a Server Admin's attention as quickly as possible. Myself, Majin, and Me-tan will be happy to assist any disputes you might have. Please don't take matters into your own hands, this includes cancelling other moderators votes.

My intentions behind all this is to keep a balance of power, and cultivate a fun environment where people aren't afraid to speak up, enjoy themselves, and learn from their mistakes. Thanks for donating and choosing the Partyvan servers!

I extend many thanks to every single donator for keeping us alive for 5 years strong! Here's to another 5~

-Fuhrer Mike